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Collaborate & Contribute Awards

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Every year the Aras Community recognizes members for their outstanding contributions to the community. Awards are based on the significance, popularity and impact of the contribution to the community.

2016 Collaborate & Contribute Award Winners:

ACE 2016 Winners

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Use case for cost reduction of system implementation & maintenance


Configurable permissions to support External Portal


Sharepoint 2013 w/ authentication, folder views, and up/download

This year's nominees:

  • Microsoft - Mass change capability within Aras Configuration Management
  • Magna Powertrain GETRAG - Extended Enterprise Access Control
  • Huntington Ingalls - Ship-builder integration use case
  • Imperial Tobacco Group - Advanced PDF Viewer including measurments, image and color comparison
  • GENTEX - Innovator Admin tool to simplify Aras Installation in enterprise

Previous Winners

  • ANCA Motion - Sorting on BOM Structure Tab
  • Orio (Formerly Saab) - Technical Publications
  • Magna Powertrain GETRAG - Configurable Item Permissions for the Extended Enterprise
  • Hitachi - Japanese enterprise search with recommendation engine
  • Sandia National Laboratories - Smart file extension handling for file check-ins
  • Minerva - New form layout for advanced search on PolyItem
  • Diehl Gruppe Hydrometer GmbH - Material classification business rules
  • GE - Deep structure multi-level BOM customizability
  • ECCO - Firefox browser client on Mac
  • GENTEX Corporation - AML Studio Editor
  • Minerva - Alternative structure browser for large assemblies
  • Carestream Health - Windows Authentication in Workflow Maps
  • Datasquare - Electronic Signature Connector (from the Deutsche Blisterunion deployment)
  • XEROX - Concurrent Development on Multiple Simultaneous BOM Configurations with Effectivity
  • Lear Corporation - Accelerated WAN Performance contribution
  • MiTek - Outstanding Aras Forum Contributor
  • Prodeos - UML Editor for Aras Innovator
  • Broadway Consulting Services - translating Aras Innovator into Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) and Simplified Chinese
  • Freudenberg - Meeting Manager solution
  • Hayes Lemmerz International - modular process planner improvement to the quality planning solution
  • Ogihara - Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Motorola - Resource Management and Critical Path Diagram
  • Freudenberg - Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)